• Author: Sahar Abdulaziz, MS

What We Have Chosen To Become

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Sensory overload.

Local, national, global news zooming in fast and from every which direction. Death, terrorism, starvation, devastation, war, the precipice of more wars, world leaders dangling countless lives by a thread…

Politicians propagating lies, manipulating ignorance, and basking in cult culture…

Human-made crisis: build more walls, drop more bombs, sanction away futures, hand out plastic straws.

School shootings, children hiding under desks and in closets. Police brutality, student debt, racism, sexism, classism, poverty … stereotyping, domestic violence, sexual assault…child abuse, elderly abuse, drownings, shootings, opioid abuse, prisons, concentration camps, detention centers, genocide. Rampant mood disorders, a crisis of health––mental & physical. State-sanctioned child abduction––Children separated from parents and housed in metal cages, left sleeping on cold cement floors, hungry, afraid, and left to wallow in excrement on the taxpayers’ dime.

And of course, plastics, chemicals, poisons, pollutants––and the inevitable, soon-to-be-irreversible, shameful destruction of our planet.

Can you breathe? Heart racing? No? Keep reading.


And then there are the fake news pontificators cloaked in false religiosity and historical revisionism. Domestic and international news bots and demonic cults spew online, offline, blaring from posters and billboards––all in the attempt to disunify, disorganize, and spread hate and distrust. Pitting one group against the other, while highlighting visual distinctions so their brainless followers can take better aim.

The lies. So, so many lies. Blatant lies. Lies behind lies, inside more lies.

Bald-faced lies.

Chanted in a frenzy from coliseum stands by cowardly, ignorant, cruel people decked out in symbolism and debauchery, hiding behind flags and tee-shirts, waving their arms in blind loyalty. Empty minds encased in a stupefied trust to evilness personified, seemingly unrestricted, and welcomed by cowardly, spineless leaders to say and do whatever the hell feels good––at anyone but their expense. Meanwhile, the rest of humanity scrambles to throw food on the table and duck incoming assaults.

But as insane as it feels, and it is insane––and as deplorable and inhumane as it has become––and it is inhumane and deplorable, make no mistake: this didn’t suddenly happen, nor did it happen overnight. This insanity, this cruelty, isn’t some strange, alien phenomena, a one-off, an inconceivable isolated time-warp of tragedy sprinkled within the pages of history. Stop saying, 'We are better than this," because so far, this hasn't been the case.

We weren't better than this...

Toxicity, rage, and hate run through our collective veins as uninhibited as our blood.

Because this is who we are.

Roundtable ideological discourse? –a mere subterfuge for civility.

Historically, this is who we have always been.

This is how we, as a nation, have CHOSEN to exist.

Bullying differences, sabotaging proactivity, criticizing, and crushing honest attempts for change––has become the norm.

Build them up to tear them down.

Evil is good, and good is evil. The norm is abnormal, and the abnormal is the norm. Trust no one. Don't be trustworthy.

This is crazy––all of it.


All of it.

But this is who we are. This is what we are. This is who we have always been.

This is who we have CHOSEN to become.

But we do have a choice.

Can we be better?

Of course.

Do we want to be?

That remains to be seen.

Are we set on a course of self-destruction?

Hell, yeah.

Who will survive?

Who will want to.

We can change.

We must change.

The question remains––will we?

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