• Sahar Abdulaziz

UNLIKELY FRIENDS – A 2019 Wishing Shelf Book Award Finalist

I'm excited Unlikely Friends is one of the finalists for this prestigious book award. Besides the recognition this award brings, it can also help spread the word wide and far that this book exists to more readers––and to me, that means everything.

Writing Unlikely Friends brought me joy and laughter. Believe me, I laughed and sobbed throughout its entire creation. I couldn't help it. The characters are a wild collection of deliciously quirky and lovable characters, and the kind of personalities everyone needs on their side, especially when Life decides to torpedo a bunch of unexpected curveballs aimed directly for the heart.

Irwin Abernathy & Crew will be back with another one of their whacky, heartwarming, and hilarious adventures real soon. Devoted Friends [Book 2] is set for release November 2020!

What Readers are saying...

"Such a moving tale of the power of friendship and how your greatest friend can be found where you least expect it."
"Abdulaziz’s latest book, Unlikely Friends, centers on a quirky, lovable cast of characters who find each other and unite to form a bond as strong as any family."
"The title is so true. This motley crew becomes a group of unlikely friends who have a huge impact on each other's lives. This is a new favorite read!"
"Unlikely Friends is one of those books that digs under your skin and stays there. Sahar's style of writing is immersive and truly engrossing. You find yourself envisioning the world she's created around these complex characters. Characters who are determined in showing the world that they matter despite the adversities that come their way."

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