• Sahar Abdulaziz

Tomorrow will be like Today, and Today will be like Yesterday

Quarantine Day 49 and counting.

Early this morning, I baked a Blueberry Banana Bread.

I had most of the ingredients, and made substitutions where necessary. Outside my window looked cold, dark, uninviting, and wet. The house slept. No one inside felt cold or hungry. Nobody is sick. Nobody here is forced to sleep battling the elements unprotected. Not everybody can say this.

Too many cannot.

Many are alone, afraid, barely existing on the ledge of survival, yet the Empire decides to spread its wings, putting on lavish and costly air shows, while the people below remain hungry, go sick, lay dying.


This insipid deadly virus will continue to spread. Its rate of contamination increases by human contact, and perhaps by gaseous polluted clouds. More questions arise. Little definitive answers.

Meanwhile, people march in the streets, spitting and screaming profanities in the face of the caretakers. They demand to ‘go back to normal’ ––to ‘restart their lives’ where they left off. Sadly, this so-called ‘normal’ the less informed and proactively ignorant desperately fight for will not happen.

It's nothing more than a mirage, a fantasy, a fable.

A terrible lie.

The prayed for 'old normal' of yesterday was anything but normal, but I’ll save that argument for another, less corrosive time. Inevitably, as the days wear on, peoples' nerves wear down. Disputes erupt pitting economy against humanity, with the culture of entitlement winning the battle. While many deemed ‘essential’ for better or worse, continue to face this killer head-on, with little to no choice, others who do, throw it away, taking avoidable chances while demanding unattainable reprieves. The interminably ungrateful lash out, embracing lies while attacking anyone getting in their way.

Even those who do not. There are many unknowns ahead. But here is one fact I can share: We are not close to being ‘finished’ with this pandemic. More will die. Even more, will die needlessly. Yet, we all, to different degrees, have choices to make. For me, tomorrow will be like today, and today will be like yesterday, but I refuse to complain.

I will adapt. I will practice patience.

I will try to lead by kindness and generosity. I will work to control my anger and do what I can to contain my grief. I will do what is required without knowingly or selfishly exposing those I love and those I don’t to danger ––simply because “I want to go out' ... 'because I have a 'right' to go out.'

I do this because I have the ability, the choice, the entitlement.

I do this because I know I am blessed in ways others are not.

I do this because my humanity depends on it.

I will work hard, so, so hard not to judge others forced into choices I do not understand or cannot fathom. For me, I admit, this will be the biggest struggle of all, but I must always remember – I do not walk in anyones shoes but my own. Therefore any jaded, self-righteous, self-serving opinions will be unhelpful, woefully ignorant, and terribly harmful.

––However, what I will not do is remain quiet. Nor will I blindly follow the powers that be who have designated my life and those I love and care about as ‘essential’ while all along, I know full well, they mean expendable.

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