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Today we have an opportunity to speak with Shaggy Dog author Sahar Abdulaziz, who writes in a wide variety of genres. I would say from dark psychological thrillers to warm-hearted satire covers quite a range! Sahar, I’ve read many of your excellent books and enjoyed them immensely. Most recently, the third volume in your Abernathy and Crane series.

SMJ: One thing I appreciate about your books in any genre is how alive your characters become to your readers. Since I mentioned the series, where did Irwin Abernathy come from? He’s truly an unforgettable character!

SA: Thank you. My stories are all character-driven, for sure. If I can make them feel authentic to me, by extension, I hope they will have the same impact on my readers.

I absolutely and unequivocally adore the character Irwin Abernathy. Admittedly, he’s a grump, often gratingly sarcastic, and despises all forms of change. But inside, where it counts, Irwin’s a big ole mush––a man who has lived his entire life trying to stand up for what is right, even, as they say, if he has had to stand alone.

Irwin showed up on my writer’s radar right after completing The Gatekeeper’s Notebook––my tenth book and a psychological thriller. At the time, I wanted to try and write something outside of my usual genre. Something entirely different and fun. Irwin and crew fit the bill, and then some. And in all honesty, the first book in the series, Unlikely Friends, practically wrote itself. I’ve never laughed so much or had so much pleasure writing as I did that book, along with its subsequent stories.

I think what makes Irwin so loveable and unforgettable is his honesty, integrity, and his relentless pursuit of fairness. Plus, he’s a book lover and stockpiles words like a coin collector, so what’s not to like?

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