• Sahar Abdulaziz


What Readers are saying...

"The characters in this story are complex, and many are unlikeable, which leaves one with a sense of horror as to the inkling that these characters are in fact very real and mirror the experience of many in the world around us."
"The Gatekeeper’s Notebook is a realistic reminder that none of us are perfect."
"It is delightful ... delightfully naughty and intellectually honest."
"Bringing us into the world of second wives and hidden lives, Sahar Abdulaziz's newest release is like watching a train wreck waiting to happen but being unable to look away."
"The Gatekeeper’s Notebook by Sahar Abdulaziz is a psychological thriller about a widowed mother who’s on the brink of financial ruin and is trying desperately to claw her way out and make a new start. Every step Kalila Rahim takes towards freedom seems to pull a new secret up from the dirt that she’s left scrambling to bury again."
"I could not put The Gatekeeper’s Notebook, a psychological suspense/thriller, down. Soon enough, the curtain lifted, and I found myself engrossed, gaining insight into another culture that I am entirely unversed. At times, I needed to flip to the glossary to look up various terms to gain further understanding; nevertheless, my unfamiliarity did nothing to sway me from finding the story to be both captivating and educational. Abdulaziz is also a skilled wordsmith who uses language as a powerful tool to draw you in deeper and deeper, mesmerizing her readers with a compelling story, while also sharing an underlying message."
"The Gatekeeper’s Notebook by Sahar Abdulaziz is an intriguing, suspenseful novel, which was fun to read. The story is a page-turner with an unpredictable ending. Also, there was no happily ever after ending with everything tied up neatly with a bow. If you are in the mood for a suspenseful, fun, fast-paced novel with feisty characters, put this book in your ‘To-Read’ stack, but please read it."
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