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BOOK REVIEW: The Case of the Chrysanthemum Murders (The Augusta McKee Mystery Series Book 5)

Opera, murder, and spies––Oh my!

The Case of the Chrysanthemum Murders

(The Augusta McKee Mystery Series Book 5)

––Author Susan Moore Jordan is at it again, transporting readers back in time and place, while seamlessly linking classical music with romance, romance with spies, and spies with murder. And although this is a cozy mystery, don’t think for one second there is any shortage of dark, international intrigue—a perfect and entertaining mélange for any mystery book lover.

The story is a super fun read with a steady stream of stealthy clues sprinkled throughout its fastpaced prose. I especially enjoyed the witty and often romantic dialogue between the main character, Augusta McKee, part-time stiletto sleuth and opera singer, and her new husband, the handsome Detective, Malcolm Mitchell.

I refuse to give anything away. However, I will share that in this story, the newly married, honeymooning couple find themselves knee-deep in not one murder––but two! ––leaving the lovely and brilliant Augusta eager to assist her husband in the pursuit of this dangerous killer before another life is lost.

I’ve read all five of Moore’s delicious cozy murder mysteries, and they just keep getting better and better. Honestly, I can’t imagine what more she has in store for us, but I can’t wait to find out.

Excellent read, great plot, surprise ending. ––Brava! Brava!

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