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Book Review: Simply Gregg by Evelyn Infante

I’ve been in a book rut lately with stories that, on the surface, had superb plots but lacked delivery. When I picked up Simply Gregg by Evelyn Infante, I looked for a suspenseful murder/crime mystery. Something tenaciously realistic but not unnecessarily graphic. A book with an intriguing, fascinating plot, supported by flawed, complex characters, with well-rounded, real personalities that make a reader feel instantly connected to the story, flipping page after page in anticipation.

Tall order? Nope. Simply Gregg by Evelyn Infante, whose writing style hits a homerun-perfect balance between chilling murder scene and absorbing murder mystery, checked off every box for me and more. I relished how the story and characters poked and prodded the surreptitious Hercule Poirot inside me, pitting my wits against the killer. So much fun!

Detective Howard Pierce, months away from retirement after forty years in law enforcement, was called upon to solve a murder that almost ruined his perfect record.Evidence, Interviews, a Cold Case committed decades ago in New York City, and adhering to the team’s motto—To Solve The Mystery, Start With The Victim— takes the reader into a heart-pounding murder investigation.

Honestly, if you’re in the mood for an engaging crime, mystery fiction story with a main character sporting a sharp mind and dry wit, this is the book. If you’re hungry for a cast of believable, flawed, disarming characters––this book is also refreshingly the one. If you’re starving for a fun who-done-it that can’t help but sharpen your gumshoe skills, grab this read. You can thank me later.

Biography [AMAZON]

Evelyn Infante is a small business owner, living in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Although she works long hours at her food delivery business, Evelyn steals every moment she can to write.

Ever since she could remember, writing has been a passion for this author. She ventured into the self-publishing business a few years ago writing two novels, but Evelyn was not satisfied with the quality of her work. In the years that followed, Evelyn joined The Lady Writers of the Poconos, made up of a group of talented women, where she learned a lot about publishing. She put all of her energy into her detective story and has finally put out a book she is proud of. Doing research for a novel about a local detective trying to solve a homicide, has opened up a new world for her. She has found a new and exciting genre to explore.

Evelyn knows writing is an everlasting learning experience. Even the most accomplished writers can always make a story better. After much research, writing and rewriting, she has finally found her groove.

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