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Book Review: Ayesha Dean - The Lisbon Lawbreaker (Ayesha Dean Mysteries #3) by Melati Lum

As I read the story aloud, I felt her excitement brewing. Little toes twitched in oversized comfy winter socks, a tiny knee bounced, her small hand on the ready to cup her mouth as she either giggled or gasped.

My nine-year-old granddaughter and I just finished reading Ayesha Dean –– The Lisbon Lawbreaker, book three in The Ayesha Dean Series by Melati Lum, a middle school mystery. Throughout this thrilling adventure, she applauded each chapter’s beginning and groaned at every chapter’s end–– her big brown eyes pleading to me to continue reading, despite my throat becoming parched.

This delightful mystery was not only packed with action but rich with descriptions about Lisbon, Portugal’s culture, architecture, and our particular favorite––foods.

But while I could go on and on giving this book glowing adult reviews, I think you might instead enjoy reading more about it from a young and exuberant reader’s perspective. Without question, this is a five-star YA read and yet another excellent addition to the Ayesha Deen Series, but you don’t have to take my word for it.

I pass the pen.

“From the start, The Lisbon Lawbreaker was a great story. It’s a mystery, my favorite! I couldn’t believe, even from the beginning, how exciting the story was and how the author kept my attention with excellent dialogue. The way she wrote helped me know what the characters thought and what they were about to do. The author also wrote very believable characters, especially Ayesha Dean. Ayesha was smart, brave, and independent. She believed she could do things without anybody’s help.

Every time we read a chapter, I didn’t want it to stop. I just wanted to keep on reading to know what would happen next. When the story finally ended, my heart sank. It was a funny and exciting mystery. Most of all, I love the feeling I get when an author uses words and descriptions that let my imagination run free.” Neylan C. –9 years old

And there you have it––from the mouth of a young reader now an ardent Ayesha Dean Fan.

* * * * * 5-Star Middle School Mystery!


Ayesha Dean - The Lisbon Lawbreaker (Ayesha Dean Mysteries #3)


Teenage sleuth Ayesha Dean is in Portugal, the land of delicious custard tarts, gorgeous sunsets, and piri-piri chicken. But a bungled good deed abruptly lands her on the wrong side of the law. If she tells all, she risks gaol. If she delves further into a mysterious death, she risks her life. If only this Australian could simply eat her way out of trouble. But no such luck.This time Ayesha Dean is in WAY over her head!
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