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APPLE PICKING AT RACE FARM By Neylan C. : Age 9, almost.

I went last Thursday to Race Farm to go apple and pumpkin picking with my mommy and my brother. Race Farm is in New Jersey. It took about thirty minutes to drive there.

When we arrived, we all went inside the farm’s little shop to ask for a basket and a wagon to carry the apples and pumpkins that we wanted to find and pick. After we got our three baskets and one wagon, we asked the lady behind the cash register where the best fruits were. She showed us a map of the farm. The map was very helpful.

My brother pulled the wagon first when it was light, and I told him that I would take over when it got too heavy. We picked the apples first. I asked my mother if my brother and I could take a photo in front of a big painted, plastic apple.

Yes,” she replied.

Then we picked four gigantic pumpkins and put them in the wagon. Boy, was that a heavy wagon to pull! It took a lot of work!

After we had all that fun picking fruits, we went back to the little shop and bought apple cider for my friends and family. We also bought apple cider donuts. Man, were those cider donuts and cider yummy! We also dropped some apples off for my friends.

“Thanks for the apples,” they said excitedly as they peeked in the bag.

It felt good to make them happy.

My favorite part of the day was when I learned that a special coating is on the apple. To get it off, you have to rub it on your shirt or sweater until it shines like a red star. Apple picking was fun. It was a wonderful experience, and I would like to go again.

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