• Sahar Abdulaziz

AN INSIDE PEEK INTO THE GATEKEEPER’S NOTEBOOK––Sahar Abdulaziz’s New Psychological Suspense!

The Gatekeeper’s Notebook is a suspenseful account that exposes the raw, unchecked side of human nature when jealousy, backbiting, and spite are permitted to collide and implode.

The characters in the novel cover a wide-span of personalities. More than a few are the type of people many of us aspire to become: kind, caring, and thoughtful; no ill-will or evil intent. People just plodding through each day, trying to do the right thing, despite the many hurdles’ life throws at them.

And then there are the troublemakers. We all know these types of folks––petty, selfish, and self-centered––forever caught up in their drama while making everyone else’s life around them utterly miserable. Then something unexpected happens––something to make them feel insecure and out pop the claws. Nobody is safe while a cacophony of dark secrets is unearthed, confidences are betrayed, and loyalty is questioned. Anyone who should dare get in the way of these narcissists becomes expendable, disposable, and replaceable because, as we all know, the darker, less forgiving side of human nature takes no prisoners.

“Kalila ran and tugged open the front door just in time to see Bashir peel out of the driveway, racing down their neighborhood block with no consideration for anyone else’s life or safety. Too caught up in his own world to care about anybody else’s. Kalila plopped down on the stoop and cried. Her humiliation matched only by her indignation. Not wishing to be the neighborhood spectacle, she wiped her eyes on her sleeve and trudged back into the house, closing the front door swiftly behind her––unaware of the fact that she had been watched, observed––and chronicled.”

Where do my story’s ideas come from?

People. Life, controversy, and the bottomless pit of human nature. The Gatekeeper’s Notebook, while [hopefully!] suspenseful and gripping, is but a mere, small window into human behavior and fragility. From my experience, I have encountered people who face duress with kindness and empathy. They rise to any occasion and lend to others faltering or afraid. They are the people in this world who wouldn’t dare dream of causing pain to another soul no matter how much they hurt.

And then there are the others, the users and abusers. The people who face life’s challenges as a competition for survival by becoming even more self-serving and ruthless. More than willing to do whatever is necessary to stay on top, ruthlessly ignoring the misery and heartache they cause to others. And of course––it’s never their fault.

“I trusted you,” Kalila had cried, her declaration splintering through thick, heavy sobs.

“But sweetheart, I didn’t do anything to break your trust,” he said, serving her another platter of convoluted lies.

Bashir knew he had breached his wife’s trust, and while somewhat regretful for the hurt and pain he had caused, the remorse and guilt hadn’t been near enough of a deal breaker to change his mind; not if it meant losing her.”

The Gatekeeper’s Notebook will make you mad, cry, and force you to question any of your misplaced loyalties. It will also remind you of those you cherish and why. Most of all, however, it will hopefully open your eyes to those kinds of personalities you should stay far, far, far away from.

“A STUBBORN DENSE MIST lifted off the searing asphalt. Bashir switched on his fog lights––for all the good they did. High winds, each surge stronger than the next, triggered tree branches to whip and thrash, while mighty thunder rattled his car windows. Inside of a minute, lightning split the night sky, and the next round of torrential rains fractured the heavens, pelting the already saturated earth. Such a miserable night to be on the road.

Like many other misguided souls before him, Bashir forgot how deceptive the spectacular mountainous peaks and valleys of the Poconos could instantly become. Suffering under the false assumption that years of acquired skills attained from city driving could help a driver pilot through the vast rambling landscapes and unforeseen bends like a pro. But as stunning as the mountains admittedly are, they are also cunningly captivating. Lulling the senses and dulling the wits of the unsuspecting into a state of false complacency, particularly when Mother Nature resolves to throw her disruptive hat into the ring; when the many twisting, narrow streets, potholed roads, and highways converge as if the plug of equanimity had been pulled and discarded.”

The Gatekeeper’s Notebook takes place in a small gated community.

Enter at your own risk.


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