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BOOK AWARD!Winner of The Daybreak Press Publishing, 2019 Islamic Fiction Award

Updated: Jul 7, 2020


Winner of The Daybreak Press Publishing 2019 Islamic Fiction Award:



Sahar Abdulaziz

I am honored that Tight Rope has received this prestigious recognition. My novel sits in excellent company alongside other incredible creative writings by a long list of talented writers, artists, and photographers, however, my novel exists because a brave publisher, Djarabi Kitabs Publishing, was willing––in the face of adversity––to publish it. I am forever grateful.

With the global turmoil we are all facing, the time for complacency and dismissal has long past. I pray, Insha'Allah, that this story finds a home on your shelf as well as in your heart.

––And now for a little inside peek into this timely psychological, political thriller...

"After a contentious presidential election, activist, Nour Ibrahim is chosen to speak on a national platform condemning the surge of hate crimes against immigrants, Muslims, people of color, anyone else deemed different or disposable. With hate crimes on the rise and a country already politically divided, she finds herself under attack. Hatemongers and Internet trolls emboldened by recent election results try to bully her into silence. Much to their disappointment, she ignores most of these feeble types of 'couch warriors'––and considers it the unfortunate high price of social activism––that is until the ‘Shadow’ begins his terror campaign.

The Shadow wants ‘America white again.’ He blames everyone for his failures except himself. After many personal loses, he becomes dangerously unhinged, focusing his hate on one, single target––Nour Ibrahim, whom he holds personally responsible for every wrong in his life. This is when the Shadow devises a diabolical plan to shut Nour up for good.

Nour can feel that his threats are different from the others and highly dangerous, yet, despite her trepidation, she bravely refuses to be silenced and continues preparing her speech, unaware as to the length this one particular distracter will go to stop her.

Stressed by the impending rally, a constant stabbing pain in her gut, and a psycho who has her in his crosshairs, Nour has to wonder––which one will kill her first."

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Tight Rope

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