• Author: Sahar Abdulaziz, MS

Nature's Dream by Michael D. Corrente. Sr.

Busy rushing yesterday, when I barreled through the parking lot and into the library, and saw this posted on the entrance wall. It caught my eye and I had to stop to read... to think. Just thought I’d share…🌿 ... after all —we only have one home... and she is screaming for our help.

Nature’s Dream By Michael D. Corrente. Sr. Where cotton candy seems to fly Ready to daub earth’s teary eye Encouraging hues, of a patchwork supreme, I stand alone in Nature’s Dream It is the miracle of the spider’s web? Perhaps the beautiful spider instead? Sophists can tell you what they mean While I stand alone in Nature’s Dream As if this curtain call has come I await…please enter ‘I sol, mister sun Flickering dabs of light can be seen Amidst the wonders of Nature’s Dream Wait, listen, I hear above The mating melodies of feathered love I watch them carefully as they preen Alone, standing witness to Nature’s Dream These graceful guardians, limbs bow’d to pray Giving thanks for waters of another day And what can this be, in so beautiful a stream? … As I ponder in reverence of Nature’s Dream Man encroaching with no regard Of forest, of stream, the golden rod Defiled by carelessness and machine I witness the raping of Nature’s Dream Vainly she tries to revise her still birth, With bare barren breast to feed child earth Her mountains are echoing her desperate scream, “Please help me save all that lives, Field and stream.” #SaveOurEarth #protecttheearth #yourvotecounts #SheNeedsOurHelp

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