• Sahar Abdulaziz

Unlikely Friends: FREE ON KINDLE, July 2-6

“Anyone who loves a great story about people who are adrift will laugh, cry, and applaud over how six special people meet and with that, alter their lives forever."


"Unlikely Friends is one of those books that digs under your skin and stays there. Sahar's style of writing is immersive and truly engrossing. You find yourself envisioning the world she's created around these complex characters. Characters who are determined in showing the world that they matter despite the adversities that come their way."


"I adored this heart-warming story about a grumpy, introverted librarian who is unwittingly forced into the life of a troubled, know-it-all teenager...If you are looking for a light-hearted, touching story of friendship, courage, resilience, and hope, then this is the book for you. Unlikely Friends has all of that and more. It gave me all the warm-fuzzies."


Irwin is not only the local Librarian; he’s also a book snob and an all-around grouch. There’s nothing he values more than his privacy. As a loner, he’s happy to be surrounded by books instead of subjected to the incessant blatherings of dysfunctional people.The one thing Irwin despises more than people is change. He’s content in his predictable, routine existence…until a young girl barrels her way into his dreary life and turns it upside down.Harper is witty, smart, free-spirited—but most of all, stubborn. Baffled by her need to gain his friendship, Irwin does his best to brush her off, but Harper refuses to budge. In fact, it only makes her latch onto him even more. Friendship, after all, can be found in the most unusual places.

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