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Book Review: Big Stick by Michael A. Ventrella

In all fairness, for a person who tends to be an eclectic reader, open to a wide variety of different genres, I must embarrassingly admit, Big Stick by Michael A. Ventrella, was my first-ever steampunk novel. I’m happy to report; it did not disappoint. In fact, I unequivocally and truly enjoyed it.

From the jump, Ventrella delivered a cast of characters with bigger than life personalities. He incorporated witty dialogue, snippets of actual historical facts interspersed throughout a fast-paced and innovative plot, laden with super cool futuristic devices and gadgets used by charismatic heroes and dastardly villains alike. It all made for a highly enjoyable and entertaining read.

But wait! ––there’s that cover. We readers all like to say that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s utter hogwash. A-fib. A sham. We all do it, even subconsciously. I found Big Stick’s cover eye-appealing, and the design complemented the story perfectly. The whole package––well done! Or as Teddy Roosevelt in the story would say, “Bully!”

Lastly, Ventrella didn’t write a steampunk action-story exclusively, but cleverly dropped throughout his plot and prose, a multitude of political innuendos and inferences, providing the reader an additional and impressive layer of reading satisfaction.

About The Author


Michael A. Ventrella writes witty adventures and edits various fun anthologies.

His short stories have appeared in various collections as well. At his website's blog ( he interviews other authors, editors, agents and publishers to get advice for the starting author. In his spare time, he is a lawyer.

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