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UNLIKELY FRIENDS…and Other Blatherings



Main Character: Irwin Abernathy

Trusty Sidekick: Cornelia Parrish

Irritating Interloper: Harper Crane

Who is Irwin Abernathy?

Not your typical hero seen on tall buildings brandishing cape and tights, Irwin is a grump. Often brash, sarcastic–in a witty sort of way, and irritable as a rule. He is also kind, selfless, trustworthy, and loyal through and through. Irwin’s the kind of guy that most would consider standoffish, but snobbishness has little to nothing to do with why Irwin keeps to himself. The truth is, Irwin dislikes people.

Most people.

Well, pretty much all people.

But Irwin is still a hero; a champion at finding and healing lost souls. Then gathering them together while opening windows of possibilities that before, seemed impossible for the struggling even to contemplate.

And so, what kind of work does our superhero, Irwin Abernathy do?

Why he’s a librarian of course.

A person who not only works with people but ALL people. People like himself: lovers of words and prose, keepers of dreams and dreamers of possibilities. Young, old, curious, excited to learn…but sometimes, lonely.

––But Sahar, you’ve written some really dark stories, psychological thrillers, suspense, dealing with a host of difficult topics. This is different.

I have.

I do.

It sure is!

I fell in love with the idea of Irwin and didn’t hesitate to ask him to come out and play.

And Irwin said no. Absolutely not.

And so, in Sahar fashion, I said, Too bad.

And then he grumbled–––but showed up on the pages like a trooper, anyway.

And then, just to keep things interesting, I invited more characters to our party, like Harper, Olivia and Cornelia, which of course, irritated poor Irwin like nobody’s business.

And that’s how the book came to be.


Sort of…

The actual idea for Irwin came to me one day while waiting in my local library for a meeting to begin. I had actually arrived ridiculously early, but the extra time afforded me the opportunity to do one of my most favorite things in the entire universe–people watch! [No, not like a back alley lurker–but as an author with a bizarre search history on her computer.] But let’s leave that alone for now.

And so, I sat. And watched. Utterly enthralled.

In my humble opinion, people are naturally entertaining. Hilarious at times. Such creatures of habit, we are. Unaware of how what we do or say can sometimes appear strange or odd to onlookers…

Anyhow, that evening, the library had people coming in and out. Some, in no rush, moseying about and taking their time to select their next read, while others darted down aisles like lunatics…poking through rows of books at lightning speed, as if the place were on fire.

Surprisingly, considering how many people occupied the same space, the library remained relatively quiet. People, for the most part, used their inside hush voices to communicate, as expected. Not so in the children’s section, where little people were free to giggle, play, imagine and transport themselves within the pages of an exciting story being read to them from a parent’s lap. Occasionally, a baby or two could be heard losing it, but that too was to be expected.

Where am I going with this?

Oh, right. So, there I was, people, watching when I began to think of how many stories librarians must have from working with the public… all the questions they are asked, the funny anecdotes… because let’s face it, humans are amusing…

But what if, instead of being helpful and sweet, there was a librarian who was a grouch. Always acting depressed… unfazed… in love with books but disenchanted with people…




And what if… despite Irwin’s knack for despising people, especially little people, a young person latched onto him, dragging him back into the world of the living-albeit kicking and screaming?

And what if this young lady, Harper… had problems of her own? What would Irwin do?

And what if Irwin’s best friend in the world, Cornelia, found out? Would she let Irwin ignore Harper or would she kick his ass in, essentially forcing him to do the right thing?

See all the what ifs?

Aren’t they fun!

By the way, malls are excellent for observing people be themselves, doing their thing, while totally unaware that a nosy author is lurking nearby on some chair or bench, utterly engrossed in watching them go about their daily lives. But a library is different. Whereas malls are where people congregate to consume goods, a library is a place where people come to absorb ideas, words, and experiences; A place devoid of monetary expectations [unless you’re late, lose or destroy your library book...then Rut Ro, you're in trouble!...]

Not really. :)

Libraries are welcoming, unassuming, a safe oasis from a hectic and demanding outside world. For some, a lifeline. As such, the most perfect and befitting dwelling for my ornery hero, Irwin Abernathy, to begin his whacky adventure.

No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to heal.

UNLIKELY FRIENDS is a heartwarming story about people falling in love with kindred spirits. It’s a tale about learning how to trust again, even when nursing a broken heart and deferred dreams. It’s a story about redemption, second chances, and fulfilled expectations. Most of all, it’s an adventure, a journey, filled with hope about people finding friendship and building family – NO DNA REQUIRED.

UNLIKELY FRIENDS is set for publication in FEBRUARY/2019.

I hope you join me for the fun!

sahar xo

PS: Bring tissues.

PSS: PREORDER for UNLIKELY FRIENDS is available of Amazon!

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