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Where Happiness and Hearts meet on Canvas – Artist Terry Carbone DeLuise

"My hope is to spread joy and touch your heart if only for a moment, and to put on canvas the words I am unable to speak." Terry Carbone DeLuise


There is something so uniquely inspiring about your art–a shared joy. Can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself, when you started painting and the message you wish to convey?

Terry: “I have been married for 38 years; we have five children and 11 grandchildren which keep me very busy. I started painting about 2013 because I had always wanted to and the kids were finally out of the house; I raised my family. It was my turn, and it was the beginning of the change of life. I find painting cathartic, therapeutic, as its always helped me put in paintings what I couldn’t say out loud.”

I saw your piece, The Three Queens, for the first time when it graced the stage at The Pocono Cinema and Cultural Center.


It’s a stunning piece depicting three women. I find it interesting, that although the women in the painting have no features painted on their faces, I could still see in my mind’s eye so many women I have known and loved reflected in their faces. What was your thought process in creating this particular painting and is there a specific reason you didn’t draw in distinct features?

Terry: “'Three Queens' is no one in particular but represents all women. I wanted you to be able to look at it and feel like its you: everyday fabulous women who are doing it all and they should feel good about themselves.”

I agree. I am a strong proponent of the healing and the empowering power of art, in whatever artistic form it takes. Are there any particular themes or subjects you actively pursue?

Terry: “I like to paint women, flowers, but ultimately I just want to brighten the place up. I like to make people feel happy.”

Has there been a particular artist, painter or real-life experience responsible for influencing your work?

Terry: “No artist. Real life experiences and the change of life.”

As a creative, do you have a clear idea of what you wish to paint before you start a project or do you find yourself creating as you go?

Terry: “I really think its God that does it. I don’t even know how to paint.” (laughing)

Are there any particular challenges you face when creating your art?

Terry: “It’s not challenging really but if I don’t like a piece I just paint over it. If I can’t sleep in the middle of the night, I paint. I’ll stop in the middle of anything and go paint. Something makes me do it.”

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Terry: “Wait three days to say anything.”

I like that! And how about the most memorable response you’ve had to your work?

Terry: “When the paintings are all together in one place, I see people well up with emotions. I like my paintings to show feeling. They make you feel something. I think they make people happy. People really love the names of the pieces.”

You definitely evoke smiles with your art. For anyone blessed enough to own one of your pieces, is there any best way to exhibit one of your gorgeous paintings?

Terry: “Any wall.”

That totally works for me! So, what do you do in your spare time and what can we expect to see next?

Terry: “I spend a lot of time with my big family, and I work part-time for the ARC. My paintings are currently in four different shops and restaurants which keeps me busy: they include Jades Salon in Stroudsburg, Broadway Pub in Bangor, and Silvery Moon in Stroudsburg.”

Thanks so much for sharing your art with us. Anyone wishing to see or purchase one of artist, Terry Deluise’s pieces, can find her on Facebook:

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