• Author: Sahar Abdulaziz, MS

TIGHT ROPE – Beyond the Political Rhetoric...

In a country severely divided after a contentious presidential election, social activist and American Muslim, Nour Ibrahim prepares to deliver a speech condemning the surge of hate crimes against people of color, immigrants, Muslims, or anyone else deemed different or disposable. As her inbox overflows with racist, xenophobic threats and condemnation, she struggles to remain focused–refusing to give into the fear. However, while preparing to deliver her speech, concerns for her safety and wellbeing mount as one ruthless stalker escalates his terror campaign. Bitter and blinded by hate, he’s not satisfied with merely keeping Nour from speaking out, but puts into action a devious plot to shut her up for good.

Stressed by the impending rally, a relentless stabbing pain in her gut, and a psycho who has her in his crosshairs, Nour has to wonder – which one will kill her first.

What Readers are saying ...


“This timely and suspenseful book addresses the political, economic, racial, religious, and familial fractures of today's times. Abdulaziz interweaves the stories of several believable characters, ranging from the insane to the sweet, who struggle in the reality of our dysfunctional society. The mounting tension of the frightening main plot makes this book a page turner and forces the reader to consider just how broken the political scene is.”

“Abdulaziz is a master at crafting a thriller that is paced by truth. It will be talked about for years to come.”

“Tight Rope is a story about Nour Ibrahim, a Black Muslim woman activist whose life is placed in jeopardy by a racist stalker and increasingly concerning health issue. Despite the internal pain and external terror, Nour exhibits an incredible amount of strength and dedication to continue her work.Sahar Abdulaziz continues to create exciting and thought-provoking books that get readers talking. This book has a gripping plot with a host of complex characters. Abdulaziz even manages to humanize the antagonists so they are not presented as societal tropes.”

“Life is seldom black and white, and this story shows us many shades. It also has a fast-paced, impressively written climax that leaves the reader flipping pages. I commend the author on writing an important book about a timely and difficult subject. It was a book that needed to be written.”

“Sahar Abdulaziz has written a book where the characters reflect all that is right and all that is wrong with the current state of the world. Hatred, misogyny, and bigotry have been given permission to flourish like never before. And beneath those prejudices, lies fear - Fear of people different than ourselves, fear of religions we do not understand, fear of cultures unlike our own, fear of change, fear of truth.”

“I loved the way the writer brilliantly crafted this story, how she weaved all the characters’ lives together was incredible.”

Tight Rope by Sahar Abdulaziz, is one powerful book, relatable to Muslims living in the West who undergo bigotry and racist attacks.

"This novel is so relevant at the moment because of the state of politics in America. It highlights the value of safe spaces, the need for a strong support system, the beauty and meaning of family, and the importance of solidarity and unity in the face of injustice. Tightrope shows that beyond the political rhetoric and debates, actual lives are affected by the words spoken and actions taken. The author, like many before her, shows the essence and importance of social justice and political fairness."

"The story gives you an inside view into lives of American Muslims post Trump Era, effects of Iraq and Afghanistan war and the rampant racial profiling and growing Islamophobia. It also highlights the flaws within the Muslim society and the division which from the outside world seems so homogenous."


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