• Sahar Abdulaziz

to be heard

to be heard

unyielding beyond trembling limbs

she spoke

with each utterance she unveiled the complexity of her secrets

as those in power geared up

to weaponize her survivorship

and through it all she struggled to tell her story

to be heard

to be believed

male fragility lost no time

with sheer abandonment

the aggressor self-aggrandized

staking claim

pretending victimhood

bemoaning the inconvenience

her right for validation and justice caused him

with words spun from positions of privilege,

he obscured past transgressions,

attempting to devour her composure

as she remained exposed,

struggling against the stench of shame

and still she struggled to tell her story

to be heard

to be believed

without deviation, she pushed through

the defamation,

the devaluation,

the blame,

the threats

remaining steadfast in her recollections

and unequivocally engaged

to the truth

under the glare of arrogance resonating from those

who reveled in debasing her pain,

she detailed without reserve

the painstaking anguish

and despair–

to present her testimony

wagons drawn taut, his defenders rallied.

granting him untethered consent

to laud over the truth

with cruel mockery

Taunting with outright deflection

he and his slippery ilk

set forth

questioning her faultless memories

endeavoring to shred her spotless reputation,

while methodically belittling her nightmares

and still she struggled to tell her story

to be heard

to be believed

sahar abdulaziz

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