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Fofky’s Kitchen, by Papatia Feauxzar – A Taste of Home is a Cookbook

Fofky’s Kitchen, by Papatia Feauxzar – A Taste of Home is a Cookbook.

As I read through this cookbook, Fofky’s Kitchen, by Papatia Feauxzar, I found my thoughts adrift to a distant place where food and family seamlessly intertwine. Each shared dish, whether simple or complex, conveyed a human story, a history, and a taste that clearly reminded the author of home. I admired the way she presented each recipe, highlighting the connectivity between food, culture, history, and family.

Although I’ve been known to do a bit of damage in a kitchen, some of the ingredients mentioned in this cookbook were not common to my cooking experience. However, that only served to make this cookbook more interesting. I enjoy this idea of experiencing new flavors because honestly, isn’t food nourishment for the soul as well as for the body? If not, then in my humble opinion, you’re approaching it all wrong.

Breaking bread and sharing a meal is so much more than merely satisfying physical hunger. It is the olive branch that has the power to cross oceans and valleys, clamber over mountains and sail the seven seas. The preparation of food, in many ways, is the human quest to dampen the divide while upholding the shared human experience. Growing up in New York, I had the incredible blessing of experiencing a wide variety of different, savory foods from around our globe, cooked with love and consumed with gratefulness. Over many a delectable dish, stories were shared, and laughs were ignited. The symphony of flavors and smells turned out to be a vibrant backdrop for family and friends to reconnect, to bond, and to make new memories. Fofky’s Kitchen is a lovely taste of home, shared with love, enthusiasm, and humor. Well done

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