• Sahar Abdulaziz

Your Voice Has Power.

I’m often asked why I write about such heavy topics as domestic violence, sexual assault, incest, mood disorders–like PTSD, anxiety and depression, OCD… And now, emotional abuse with my latest release–Expendable.

My answer is neither complex or mysterious.

I write truth masked as fiction about these weighty topics precisely because there continues to manifest a dominant culture of abuse which has been granted unlimited power to grow and expand its destructive reach. Silence, disbelief, destroying reputations and re-victimizing victims and survivors–disrespecting boundaries ... these have all played a significant role in feeding into this epidemic of abuse and misinformation and keeping the abusers safe from realizing legal and moral accountability.

Expendable is a story about one woman’s fight to survive and THRIVE from an emotionally abusive relationship. While Bella is fictional–she is also real. Her experiences exemplify what happens when a victim’s pleas for help are either ignored, invalidated or systematically silenced. She shows how emotional abuse can slowly disintegrate a person’s self-worth and self-esteem until they become unrecognizable–even to themselves. It is a story that also offers hope because there are GOOD people in this world who want and are fighting for change. Who are fed up and disgusted with the way abusers are still allowed to continue hurting others without fear of the law… There are REAL people, REAL VOICES joined together to fight this inhumanity and end abuse–in all forms.

Be a part of that fight. Use your voice, your heart, your vote–Your PEN … Do whatever you can so that predators no longer feel entitled to abuse.

We can do this.

We have to.

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