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Tight Rope: Book Review

I remain in awe how books will travel; how stories have the power to transcend miles and take on a life all their own. TIGHT ROPE is no exception. This novel has been to more places and in more hearts around our beautiful blue planet than I could have ever imagined. I am truly grateful.

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February 16

#BOOKREVIEW: “I am South African and I live in a country where racism still exists. People may discriminate against the colour of my skin but they show respect for my headscarf. Nobody has questioned my Islamic dress to date. Sahar Abdulaziz's "Tightrope" introduced me to the different levels of prejudice that exists among American Muslims. The novel begins with activist American Muslim Nour Ibrahim reading the hate mail that she has received. Nour prepares to deliver a speech at an anti-hate rally condemning the surge of attacks against people of color, immigrants, Muslims and anyone deemed different. Stressed by the upcoming rally, a stabbing pain in her gut and the internet psycho who is threatening her, Nour begins to wonder - which one will kill her first?

Tightrope switches between the stories of six strong characters - Nour Ibrahim, Russel J Tetler, Doris Tetler, Maryam Quiñónez, Eugene Underwood and Zaid Ali. Gradually the six stories begin to converge into a fast-paced thriller that deals with a blend of emotions - hatred, anger, grief and love. The story made me ponder to how and why emotions like grief evolve into anger and hatred.

Abdulaziz plays her readers with sharp skill in storytelling. She wields the stories of the six characters with captivating effect, disturbing and delighting in turn, practically guaranteeing that the story remains with the reader for days after the terrifying, conclusion is reached. I highly recommend this book to anyone with a passion for thrillers and to those who want to know about the plight of the American Muslim.” ––– Zaheera Jina Asvat

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