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New Release! TIGHT ROPE by Sahar Abdulaziz

Out Now! 💥🎉🎉🎉Tight Rope by @saharraziz

"PENNSYLVANIA – Muslim fiction despite being around for centuries has not made ground breaking changes. Having said that, Tight Rope might change the status quo. The political thriller has been called a timely piece." ...

"In writing Tight Rope, Abdulaziz seeks to denounce the more subtle forms of racism our society often turns a blind eye on. But from full-blown racists’ overt tactics to casual racists’ microaggressions, the author leaves no stones unturned to portray that racism is in fact terrorism as it inflicts intimidation and mental trauma on the targeted victims."…/

AMAZON REVIEW "I read this book even before the author had found a publisher. I'm a very picky reader. I judge a book on many levels: Is it well written (characters, plotting, prose, conflict, etc. ... )? Is it relevant (does it add any value to present day life in this world)? Have I learned anything new? and Would I recommend It? I can easily answer, "Yes," to all of these questions. It's one of the most important books of the year. It will shock, educate, challenge, and even infuriate. But if you're one who might be angered by the stories that unfold between these pages, you're the first one who needs to read Tight Rope. It tackles racism--on all levels and in every nook and cranny of American life, misogyny, xenophobia, and the unwillinglingness of Americans to face our demons honestly. If you're reading this review, I urge you to get the book and read it for yourself. It's one I know that I plan to read over again and give away as often as I can. Abdulaziz is a master at crafting a thriller that is paced by truth. It will be talked about for years to come."

"I had the privilege of getting to read Sahar Abdulaziz’s Tight Rope as an advanced reader and it blew me away. I’ve reviewed it here for anyone interested. Now, I’ve gotten the chance to pick her brain a bit and get answers to some (hopefully interesting) questions." The Imperfect Muslimah blog

"Had the pleasure of reviewing this and interviewing the amazing author." Christal Joan, Blogger

Get your copy on Amazon or @fofkys online book cafe.

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