• Sahar Abdulaziz

#Muslimfiction NbA Muslims Twitter Chat

"Mainstream publishing sustains a stronghold on the industry through which many authors seek recognition and a broader platform for their works. Muslim authors are no different, and that is why a recent open invitation for queries from a consortium of non-Muslim publishing companies and literary agents generated significant excitement. However, many questions arose: Is this invitation only for Muslim authors writing about Muslims? What do publishers mean by “Muslim heritage,” and is it a sign of potential erasure of some American Muslim experiences? As with other minority authors, what is the potential that mainstream publishing will pigeonhole Muslim authors and limit voices to specific authors fulfilling the phenotypical Muslim created by the broader society? Instead of chasing after mainstream publishing and bestseller lists, would it benefit authors to concentrate on building a “Muslim fiction” genre and platform as part of the American Muslim literary canon?"- NbA Muslims Join literary critic Layla Abdullah-Poulos and Muslim fiction authors Sahar R Abdulaziz, Karimah Grayson and Umm Juwayriyah at the next NbA Muslims Twitter Chat: Is Mainstream Publishing Best for Native Born Muslim Fiction Authors? 2/23/17 at 8 pm on Twitter

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