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ON THE MOVE WITH SISTAH CHAT RADIO Candlelight Conversations

∗ Are you a woman who needs to hear from other women who are both open and honest with their sharing and caring?

∗ Are you a woman who wants to share your eXperiences and knowledge?

∗ Are you open to learning and growing to new heights of eXcellence in all areas of your life?

∗ Are you "sick and tired of being sick and tired" and ready to make changes?

∗ Are you willing to do your part to ensure that positive and powerful change happens for you?

If you have answered "YES" to any of the aforementioned questions, SISTAH CHAT is designed just for you!

Sistah Chat Radio is on the move! Not only has our show joined the fabulous 96.7 FM station, but we have also been invited to share the program on a global radio forum, –! Our premier show on June 7, from 7-10 pm was such a success that the chat room crashed from all the questions coming in all at the same time. The response and support received were incredible and most appreciated.

This past week we discussed those components that make for Healthy Communication, which leads then to respect in relationships. We also dove into conversations about offering encouragement and listening to others in a non-judgmental way. –The importance of learning how to compromise, accepting change and accountability. Lastly, we touched on safety. Feeling protected, building a secure environment to self-heal and for self-care, but most of all our growing concern for those in our listening audience who may not be in a safe place and their need to reach out to find and get the help they need to become whole again.

During our discussion, we were blessed to have Ms. Ohilda Holguin join us.

This dynamic lady is not only a Coach, but she is also a Leadership & Women’s Empowerment Expert, and COO at Elite Sales Consulting Group. Ms. Holguin graciously shared some of her insight about her goals to help women fulfill their objectives and become empowered in their home and work environment. Her insight and energy were contagious, and we look forward to having her join our chats again soon. If anyone is interested in contacting Ms. Holguin, you can contact her at or


As Sistah Chat continues on this exciting journey, we want our listeners to remember, our collective goal is to discuss a wide-range of challenging and sometimes uncomfortable topics. And while we as a panel might not always agree with one another or share the same opinions, we understand as a diverse group of women from many backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs how important it is to stay focused on our similarities while respecting our differences. Therefore, our aim is “to address real-life strategies to help all those in search of enhanced life opportunities, while gaining a better perspective of the who, what, when, where, why and how to effectively navigate the multiple highways and byways of life.” –Deborah Cofer, Sistah Chat Founder.


MISSION: To inspire, enlighten and empower women to live healthier and more fulfilled lives.

VISION: As women and members of the human family, regardless of religion, socioeconomic status, education, goals, dreams, etc., we all share many of the same eXperiences. We struggle to get the love we innately know we deserve, –we strive to care for our children the best we can, and all too often we do so against all odds. We work to be the best women we can be and, in the process, it is through the support and loving hearts of other women that we most often find comfort, answers, and the strength to keep going and growing...through our most difficult and darkest moments.

GOALS: Through the development and delivery of SISTAH CHAT RADIO our goal is to help listeners, particularly women, grow on every level of their lives, personal, professional, emotionally, physically and spiritually through the provision of enlightening information that is sound and reliable. Weekly discussions feature a myriad of topics that serve as a platform to support women in their efforts to live with the level of passion, power, purpose and poise that is fulfilling, supportive and life enhancing.

But make no mistake; we know Sistah Chat cannot exist without you, our listening audience. You are the fuel and energy we need to continue to grow, so thank you to all those who took the time to listen in. We truly appreciate your questions, comments, and support.

We also want to thank Mr. Terry Polite Pickering for not only single-handedly manning the station for us, but for also jotting down all the questions as they came pouring in. We couldn’t have done it without you! And, we can never forget to thank Professional Photographer Keith C. Drayton, of Focusing On You, –for his tireless support of Sistah Chat! To capture ALL your precious moments- email: or phone: 570.856.7990 or 570.421.5732.

During our next Sistah Chat, Candlelight Conversation our topic of discussion will be Overcoming Challenges with guest speaker, Michelle Riegel, a brave and indomitable spirit who will discuss the rigors of caring for a toddler while struggling with MS.

Please join the women of SISTAH CHAT every Thursday, from 7 - 10 P.M. on

QUESTION CORNER: Due to time constraints, we don’t always have a chance to answer all the questions posed, so we would like to address some of them here weekly. All answers are the opinions of individual Sistah Chat members only and not those of the radio station.

1. Does Sistah Chat do public speaking?

∗ Yes, we do! Please contact via our Facebook page: Sistah Chat Dialogues so we can get the particulars to make it happen!

2. What are your books about?

∗ Please see The Book Connection Below for books written by our Sistah Chat authors! Links provided.

3. “I too am a victim of incest. You are telling my story, –Thank you for sharing.”

∗ Thank YOU for listening! That’s what we are here for, to exchange information about our experiences and to make this large, sometimes daunting world feel a bit smaller and less scary. We want you to be in a safe place. If you think you are in danger, please contact the National Coalition Domestic Violence (NCADV) Hotline number at (303) 839-1852 [24-7] They will direct you to a local organization for further help. [Free and confidential] Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. Make the call. You are NOT alone!


Books by Author, Speaker, and Sistah Chat Founder, Deborah Cofer

Sistah Power by Deborah M. Cofer Link:

No Process...No Promise!: A Modern Day Testament to the Goodness and Glory of God by Deborah Cofer Link:

"High Yellow"...But A Black Woman Forever More!: A Poetic Anthology of A Spiritual Journey by Deborah Cofer Link:

White Fish Pate, Smoked Salmon & A Loaf of Raisin Nut "Bread" ... by Deborah Cofer Link:

If He's "Hooked on P_ _ _ _ " Buy him a cat...: The Spiritual Rules for Dating, Relating, and Mating! by Deborah Cofer Link:

Books by Author, Speaker, Blogger, and Sistah Chat Radio Co-Host, Sahar Abdulaziz

But You LOOK Just Fine: Unmasking Depression, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder and Seasonal Affective Disorder by Sahar Abdulaziz et al. Link:

As One Door Closes by Sahar Abdulaziz Link:

The Broken Half by Sahar Abdulaziz Link:

Secrets That Find Us by Sahar Abdulaziz Link:

The Dino Flu by Sahar Abdulaziz et al. Link:

Books by Author, Speaker, Co-Owner at Meet The Smiths, and Sistah Chat Radio Co-Host, Debbie Petra Smith

The 5-Star Husband & Wife

by Edward Smith et al.


The 5-Star Marriage

by Edward Smith et al.


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