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The Woman of Distinction Award ~ Sistah Chat!

Yesterday, May 15, 2016, Sistah Chat Radio had the privilege and honor to attend the African-American Network of the Pocono’s 2016 Selfless Service Award Luncheon, celebrating the Men of Valor and Women of Distinction, as well as the Scholarship Recipient of Success, funded by the Cleo Scholarship Fund.

If I may, I'd like to take this opportunity to share a little bit more about this important and dedicated non-profit organization.

The African-American Network/AAN was found in 1995 by Cynthia Lynch, a Real Estate Agent and AAN's first President. Their mission is “to provide opportunities for networking, education, and economic development to promote unity among residents and improve the quality of life among those residing in and around the Pocono Mountain Region.”

Without exaggeration, the members of this organization have worked tirelessly in the community donating countless hours and energy to not only uniting all people, but to share information and address social, political, cultural, educational and economic mandates. They have also provided for community organizations in need, including making sure to restock local food pantry shelves on a continues basis.

Their objectives are “to make AAN a sustainable entity; to maintain a Youth Organization; to increase membership levels by 30% each year; to establish partnerships with other Community-based Organizations, and to invest philanthropically in the Pocono Mountains and surrounding communities.”* In a world that sometimes feels overwhelming and dim, this organization is a bright and shining light, filled with people whose hearts overflow with goodness and selflessness, which is why it is with the deepest gratitude and honor to be the recipient of such a prominent and celebrated award.

About Sistah Chat~

Author Deborah Cofer has always believed in the power of communication. She founded Sistah Chat with the dedicated goal to, “inspire, enlighten and empower women to live healthier and more fulfilled lives.” Her mission has always been to give the Family of All Women a safe place to talk, to learn, to share ideas and to seek mutual support and respect.

[Photo of Sistah Chat by photographer Keith Drayton, gently gleaned from Facebook L-> R: Daisy Perez, Sara Smith-Katz, Deborah Cofer, Alicia Middleton, Debbie Smith, 2015]

In 2014, Sistah Chat hit the airwaves, going LIVE on 90.3 WESS FM radio under the skilled hand of its talented producer and founder of Rainey Roo Productions, Alicia Middleton. Soon Sistah Chat was joined by the company of an additional group of dynamic voices, such as Sara Smith-Katz, owner of ForArtz Sake, Daisy Perez, founder of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses in Northeastern PA, Debbie Smith, co-owner of Meet The Smiths, and Dr. Karleen Ferron, an expert in family counseling. Each of these talented woman has lent a new and powerful voice to an assortment of timely topics, and together they have formed a social and significant presence in the community.

In 2015, I was asked to join the ranks of this incredible group of women in the hope that I too can add to this ongoing and positive- proactive conversation. As an author, a writer and a staunch advocate against domestic violence, sexual assault, CSA and the empowerment of people suffering from easily concealed mood and physical disorders, this invitation was an absolute blessing. To be in the company of these women and to be given the ability to continue to platform these important issues dear to my heart is a gift that I will forever cherish. My personal goal and intent are to make a positive contribution to an already vibrant and successful group.

More New News!

At the award luncheon, Sistah Chat was given the official ‘okay’ to share some excellent news: We have found a new home, 96.7FM, home of the Gary In The Morning Show! A new lineup of enlightening topics and guest speakers is underway.

A warm and sincere Thank You again to: Cleo MeriAbut Jarvis, President of the AAN. Sabrina Roberts, Vice President, Linda Hinkson, Secretary, Jackie Charles, Treasurer, Alice Piper, Membership Liaison, Jillian Sears, Fundraising Liaison, Jonathan Edmondson, Political Action Liaison, and Deidre Sears, Youth Liaison.

* MIssion statement and goals quoted directly from the AAN Website.

For more information about AAN or to make a donation, please visit their website:

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