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Some exciting happenings are taking place in my little world. My next book, Secrets That Find Us, just went up on Amazon for pre-order, to be published March 1, 2016. Available in softcover and Kindle. How’s that for sneaking in a shameful plug?

On a serious note, I am super excited about this book’s release. It’s incredibly different from my past work.

Did you see this wicked awesome cover! Thank you Greg Simanson! ***

While still contemporary fiction, this new novel also falls under psychological crime thriller, a bit of mystery and a whole bunch of- no she didn’t –twists and turns thrown into the mix. I hope you’ll join me for this ride!

Wanted to share a few other things. This past January I was invited by the organization, Radiant Hands located in Tampa, Florida to speak on a panel concerning pressing issues about family safety. I talked on the topic of bystander intervention and domestic violence. I must say without hesitation or reserve, that I met some extraordinary people doing exceptional work to help others feel safe and valued again.

This February I have been graciously invited to speak on the topic of Muslim Women in America, at the Women’s and Gender Studies Residency hosted by SUNY Empire State College. I will be on a panel with activist Vilma Santos, and NbA Muslims founder, Layla Abdullah-Poulos. It will be an honor to share the stage with such accomplished women.

On Wednesday, March 2, at 12 pm -1 pm, NbA Muslims-Authors Speak will interview me LIVE, [Oh Lord- please don’t let me start coughing or sneezing uncontrollably] online-G+ and on YouTube.

I will be asked questions about my books, authorship, as well as a whole bunch of topics that I write on, such as domestic violence, sexual assault, mood disorders and the dangers of protecting abusers instead of victims. All are welcome. If your name was somehow missed in the invite, trust and believe it was nothing personal. Just drop me a line [PM] stating you would like to ‘attend’ and you will be added ASAP.

What else did I want to mention… ah, yes! Sistah Chat Radio, 90.3 WESS had its last show in January, but do not despair, there are more exciting plans in the works even as I type, and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

And so I have come to the part of this rundown where I ask you- the Readers, already so inundated with all the 'Buy my book' and 'Look how awesome my latest book is' and 'Can you [I am begging you] to leave me a review stuff', --- What do you as readers honestly want to see more of? -Because honestly, I HATE hawking my books. I know marketing is important, don’t get me wrong, but I have never wanted my readers to feel bullied into a purchase or guilt-driven into leaving a review.[Although please leave a review... please. Please. PLEASE] I believe that reading is a gift, a journey, and an experience, and I think that sometimes, especially in today’s market-driven world, it’s easy for that part of the message to get lost.

I know this because although I am an author, I am also a voracious reader as well. My house is filled with bookshelves busting out at the seams. If I ever move again, I will need a second truck just for books -or so I have been told. Personally, I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but whatever. I will, however, admit that when I see the UPS man pull up to my house, I wait like a kid hunting down the ice cream truck, excited for my next reading fix, but don’t worry. I play it cool. I only start to jump up and down once the front door is firmly shut. I have a reputation to protect.

“No, you don’t!”

WAIT! Who just wrote that? No, seriously, that was weird…who just wrote that?

“Stop lying to these nice people. Your reputation was shot to crap years ago.”

Who are you and what are you doing on my page?

“I’m one of your characters… one you killed off by the way. Nice touch.”

Which one?

“Which one? Which one! There’s that many? Now I’m offended.”

HEY! Get off my page. I’m trying to be professional over here, and you’re seriously cramping my style.

Trying being the operative word. Little do they all know.”

Okay, unforeseen technical difficulty: Unknown Dead character from past books reappearing UNINVITED on the blog page. I better end this post now so I can figure out which one is out and about, obviously being naughty and enjoying causing a bit of trouble. The only problem is, I’m not entirely sure I know which character this is. I mean, there were a few. Hmmm, maybe you guys can help me figure it out… you know, so I can ‘kill’ them off a second time! I’ll await your response.

“No, Sahar, ‘We’ will await their response… because I’m still here you know.”

*Photos gleaned gently from Pinterest.

***Greg Simanson:

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