• Sahar Abdulaziz


Tell the readers a story! Because without a story, you are merely using words to prove you can string them together in logical sentences. – Anne McCaffrey

And so I began to type. The main character, Terri Ann Stone introduced herself to me on the strangest of days. I was inundated with work, busy going through pages of edits when her ‘voice’ came barreling through loud and clear. Now, at first, I tried to shhh her, but being a pushy sort, Terri demanded immediate attention. However, I was still on a self-inflicted deadline so I continued editing, ignoring her the best I could, but she just kept on yapping in my ear. Terri Ann wasn’t having any of it. No matter how hard I tried, her voice kept barging into my consciousness.

“Listen-to-me," She screamed. "I need to tell somebody what really happened that day.”

“What day?” I asked, despite pretending I didn’t care a second ago.

“If you’d just STFU for a second, I’ll tell you!”

Nice. Not only was she interrupting my work, but she was also cursing me out like a sailor.

“Can we do this later?” I asked. “I’m kinda in the middle of something.” Trying to sway, but Terri was not deterred.

“Later will be too late.”

Terri wanted to spill her guts, to confess, but only in drips and drabs, stringing me along, word-by-word, and helpless to fight her, I put down my edits and began to tell her story. Like a good and obedient sage I wrote down exactly what she revealed to me, and learned quickly not to interrupt.

Sounds kind of psychotic, believe me, I know. As I write this, I’m sure many of you are thinking, Wowzers, Sahar’s brain is in need of serious intervention. And you may be right, but trust me when I tell you that writers will admit, probably only under duress and torture perhaps, but they will say as I have done today that their characters ‘speak’ to them. Intimately sharing aspects of their lives, their needs, wants and fears. My character, Terri Ann Stone was angry. Deeply bitter, and boy did she let me have it! -And after reading her story, you’ll understand why.

I was recently asked, “Where did this new story come from?” And I wish I honestly knew, but as it unfolded, the images and voices of the characters came to life. So different from anything I have written previously but to say it was so dissimilar that it made it difficult to write would be a lie. Each day the story became more and more convoluted, and crazily I couldn’t wait to hit the ground running.

Images of a dark yet fascinating story unfolded in my mind, almost like a movie. Each character intuitively understood and executed his or her part with the utmost precision. And as they willingly exposed their dark and sometimes disturbing secrets, I watched. Sidelined in anticipation and with trepidation lest I falter and miss something crucial.

As their honored wordsmith, I attempted to transcribe their expressions into vivid displays of emotive responses, and thoughts into calibrated reactions. Without any regard to what should be, I allowed my fingers to fly ferociously over the keyboard, whose now worn down letters are barely legible from years of use. And as I typed, visions of the book cover teased. I honestly loved writing this book.

So, without further ado, please let me humbly introduce, Secrets That Find Us, -A contemporary fiction, crime and psychological thriller which I hope will keep you asking for more...


Buried Secrets, protected lies, and cunning deception all play a pivotal role in Sahar Abdulaziz’s new Contemporary Fiction, Secrets That Find Us.

Seventeen years ago Terri Ann Stone began serving a life sentence, charged with the double homicide of her mother and stepfather. Up to now, Terri’s bitterness, hate and relentless commitment to hiding the truth have kept her alive behind bars. However, even her pledge of secrecy has begun to wane. The anger that once fueled Terri’s center has all but vanished. With no prospect of ever being set free, Terri discloses the entire ugly truth to the single person left in the world who still matters to her.

Riddled with intrigue and the ability to destroy, will the power of Terri’s secrets live on or will disclosure at long last uncover the answers so desperately desired?

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