• Sahar Abdulaziz

Bridges or Walls?

I saw this meme posted on Facebook the other day and at first, I thought, wow, what an interesting and refreshing approach to opening up dialog. What a great way to dispel confusion and falsehood, instead of allowing people who are afraid to have the spotlight. Use truth as they feed and spew bold-faced lies, which only leads to more lies and fear. Why not replace people’s uncertainties and questions with concrete information? You know, like humans are supposed to do.

Then just as quickly the pessimistic, jaded, self-protecting side of me stepped in. Shook me hard by the shoulders reminding me how posting something as simple as this might open up a can of ugly, obnoxious, spiteful, hateful worms since the conversations with trolls and bigots have escalated into some of the vilest, most discourteous, and ill-mannered exchanges. These people are not looking for truth or an honest exchange of ideas or opinions, but any excuse to continue to behave in their atrocious fashion.

I sit day in and day out in utter disgust as I watch, read, and listen with building incredulity as to the totally flagrant shameful behavior of so-called adult-leaders. Vying shamelessly for attention, power, and control, no matter what it takes, -never caring about the safety and humanity of others, -many of whom are defenseless women and children.

The threat of physical and hostile verbal backlash against anyone willing to speak out against the rash of violence is real and escalating. Men and women- from all faiths in solidarity with those under attack are also being attacked, fired or suspended from their jobs, cursed at in the streets, yet hate speech on a back of a vehicle is just fine. Not a problem. Another day in America. -So much for ‘free speech’ –except where hate is concerned . . .

Words meant to build bridges are systematically twisted. Their honest intent and integrity obscured, all while truths are categorically ignored in favor of bold-faced lies. Hate mail by the bucket-full is pouring into the mailboxes of anyone willing to build bridges instead of walls. Adolescent name-calling, threats, and attacks are now the norms, -the go-to defense mechanism for the coward fear mongers.

This kind of behavior is the definition of barbarism.

This kind of behavior is another form of terrorism. Where is the justice?

And should there be any doubt or confusion remaining, this abhorrent kind of behavior is UNAMERICAN; Nothing less than shameful, and an actual global embarrassment.

But for all those continuing to fight the good fight, I applaud you. You are the citizens that bring HONOR to our country!

-You are the people whose hearts and actions infuse light into the depths of darkness and despair. Your compassion replaces hate with hope and love- and dignity.

I pray that with each and every kindness you extend -be answered in kind, and blessed with even more goodness, and blessings your way. You are the shining examples of humanity.

I pray all your days remain filled with a gentleness of heart as you continue your fight against injustice, always protected from those pathetic fools spewing hate, racism, bigotry, and lies.

I pray you, Brave Speakers of Truth never sway or give up hope as you continue your fight to regain back the humanity that seems to be struggling to survive during these dark and sometimes ugly hours.



*All photos gleaned off the Internet from public domain.

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