• Sahar Abdulaziz


“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

This PLEDGE could have worked -if given a fair shake, but unfortunately for us all, these continue to be dark and ugly times across our beautiful and bountiful land. Fear and paranoia rule supreme. Painfully the actualization of Liberty remains only a distant, elusive concept as opposed to a practiced, living realization for large majorities of American citizens.

Make no mistake, -today we – as a Nation stand divided. Again. Struggling. Choked by the noose of violence, shadowed and taunted by the voices of fascism and hate, and for far too many of us, willfully tethered to ignorance.

Across our divided Nation, there are some amongst us, growing in numbers at an alarming rate, that are so viciously corrupt in their hearts that they seize upon these shameful calamities with both arms, embracing the pain and anguish, only as a means to unleash further hurt along their way, and to promote their tortuous agendas. These misdirected social misfits have lived their entire lives waiting for their moment to bask in the abhorrence. They relish the power they instill through fear mongering. Wielding flagrant misery upon others in one feeble attempt after another as a way to blot out their own miserable existence and shortcomings. Drawing their strength in numbers from vats of people also absorbed by anger and fear. Empowered by the knowledge that they can lay blame and misplaced pent up anger and frustration at the doorstep of whole groups of innocent people despite the presence of overwhelming truths to the contrary...

Across our divided Nation, we can hear the footsteps of millions, walking on eggshells, lest they cause so-called 'undue attention’ to themselves, constantly afraid for the safety of their family and friends. Many of us exist in a world where truth no longer matters, taking a backseat to hate, and power, revenge, and moral ineptitude.

Across our divided Nation, the cries of mothers and fathers reverberate, slashing through the souls of those who have been forced to bury their loved ones due to preventable and gratuitous violence- sheer and reckless madness, caused by those who only exist to perpetrate terror.

Across our divided Nation, bigots and racists, and Nazi-sympathizers have inundated OUR airwaves with their hurtful and divisive hate speech, all in the hopes of causing the majority of citizens to pick fractured ideological sides out of panic. Wanting to spread false accusations and rhetoric in some sick, perverted expectation so more senseless bloodshed can be splayed, all in the name of their convoluted concept of freedom.

Across our divided Nation, the media is used as a tool to promote political posturing, to sway a gullible and frightened public using their wide-berth and power to disseminate blatant misinformation, disguised as so-called unbiased news, when in fact what they report is usually nothing more than barely palpable opinions and flagrant discrimination. The system in place right now- for disseminating information is flawed. Politically and racially motivated to cause further division and knee-jerk retaliatory responses. The information fed to the public is purposely tainted and subjective, and as a source -cannot and should not be blindly trusted or used in any decision-making process, unless as a Nation our goal is to remain divided by the powerful puppeteers.

Across our divided Nation, we are drowning under Fascist political posturing. Crowds pack large stadiums -vying for a seat to watch the biggest lying show of their lifetime. Fevered in anticipation as they wait with baited breath to hear the watershed of mendacity seamlessly dripping off the lips of the hate speech delivers, and they cheer. The crowds’ cheer and smile, and jump up and down, gleefully waving posters, screaming moral profanities, slurping up the deadly Kool-Aid, without a care in the world that their bellies have fed on a four-course meal of deception, deceit, venom and hatred.

We must stop feeding the Beast.

Across our divided Nation, we have children too frightened to be in school, taught to practice drills on how to hide and protect themselves from maniacal killers, instead of being allowed to be children, to laugh and play on playgrounds- in safety, protected. Their childhood stolen, transformed, ravished by these haters, these lunatics, and these miscreants.

Many of our children are taught from an early age to hate the skin they are in as if the many glorious shades of the human existence can only be defined and limited by one, isolated complexion. Relegated by the consumers of hate to being known and accepted only as ‘the other,' the less, and the disposable, the blame-worthy, the expendable.

On other lands, children must also learn quickly how to dodge for cover as waves of bombs and bullets hail down from the skies above their tiny, innocent little heads. These blameless, helpless children have become well versed in playing dead under bulleted bodies until the imminent danger has passed. Breathing in the fumes of death covered in blood, waiting for when the dust clears so they can crawl out from under the carnage and debris, only to then use their tiny hands to bury their parents, their siblings, their friends- Informed by those who spew and unleash hate, -it’s for the greater good. -The greater political good. -For Freedom, -For Liberty.

Across our divided, terribly infirmed Nation, terror –in any form or fashion has elicited trepidation, panic, and fright. That’s is its job. Done to perfection. Terror uses fear to empower and gain strength and followers, but when we as a nation allow fear and biased-racist posturing to promote a climate of reactionary behavior, then terrorism has not only has WON, but also has gained new allies, cloaked in respectability and principle, and supported by the consent of our citizenry.

We need to be better than this.

We can be better than this.

We must be better than this.

We must do better than this.

Or ‘we’ will cease to exist.

“Liberty and justice for all,” cannot be permitted to remain merely a concept, an empty pledge, a speech, a tagline, or a dream deferred.

The choice as a Nation to rise above our division is for the taking, but we will not succeed if we allow terrorists and terrorist promoters to lead and define our collective direction, or to ignite the flames of extremism with dangerous rhetoric that mirrors Nazi Germany.

The time to decide is now.

The consequences of our decisions await us.

I pray we choose not to remain a Nation divided, faltering on the precipice of self-destruction, wallowing in vicious condemnation, and participating in what can only be described as a planetary crisis in the making.

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