• Sahar Abdulaziz

The Field of Storms

Death is a subject most would rather avoid, however, evasion

will not deter death from taking place, nor will it prevent death from reaching out and touching all of our lives at one time or another.

Over the past three weeks, death has beckoned once again, repeatedly. The painful losses have left myself and my family emotionally drained. The sadness and grief that can accompany the hollowing sense of bereavement from losing such wonderful people has truly been a test. But the sadness has also been balanced by the sheer magnitude of goodness each of those individuals possessed in life. The cherished memories of their kindness, generosity, steadfastness, and devotion to family were beyond measure. A pillar to lean on, an example to replicate, and a goal to be measured by. And in this, even in death, is a blessing. An unmistakable reminder to be grateful for all that one has, all that one has experienced, and all that remains to be accomplished.

In a world burdened with way too many-hell-bent on causing confusion, mayhem, distrust and hate, these souls while alive were the shining examples that decency and morality were, in fact, the actual rule of thumb. They showed through action, not just word how the love of family remained the priority, and the noble legacy to leave in their wake. And no matter how complicated and challenging this life ever became, these individuals faced the field of storms, the mighty waves and gusting winds of change with character, dignity, and loyalty. All who have ever known these particular people have been forever changed for the better.

But with death also comes a price. The family and friends left behind to grieve are charged with the fee of continuing this life’s journey without the companionship and ready guidance of those now gone. They must garner the strength to face each new test and muster the energy to succeed despite being without the person -who for so long shadowed their hopes, fears, and dreams. Who shared their secrets, laughter and tears, and who picked up the weight of life where the other left off, carrying the baton of humanity steadfastly forward, and never looking back . . .never once looking back.

In death is a blessing. Those that are gone are no longer in pain, and their bodies can rest- in peace. Their accumulated deeds in life are now left to replicate in their absences. Their sterling examples have been given the freedom to expand and rejoice through the eyes, ears and hearts of those they gave so much, taught so much, were so important to . . .

They will be deeply missed, no doubt. Many tears will continue to fall. Tears of both joy and sorrow, but not regret, because the legacy of these amazing people will forever be a significant piece of the fabric of this life in such wondrous and beautiful ways; Too many to count and too many to ever forget.

For myself, I have been deeply blessed having had these special people in my family’s life. To have laughed, shared stories, and broken bread together. To have been permitted into the private windows of their worlds, to call their family my family, and to be given the unwavering honor of witnessing the closing chapter of their time spent preciously here.

It is my prayer that I live the remainder of my time with the same level of dignity and honor, compassion, and empathy set forth by these phenomenal examples. People that I have been so very blessed to call my family and my friends.

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