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Book Review: DOWNCAST

Mythology Meets Paranormal Romance!

Downcast, (Olympus Falling) (Volume 1) by author Cait Reynolds is a classic romantic voyage between two young, ancient hearts tethered together through centuries of love. A story filled with elements of mythology and paranormal romance, yet brilliantly set in a small town’s high school. A place where the angst of teen life meets a series of plot twists entwined in an underworld packed with adventure.

In particular, I enjoyed the choice of setting the author selected to use, especially because for far too many students, high school houses an inordinate amount of youth who hunger to ‘fit in’, to be accepted, and of course, celebrated. It is a time and place where many who don’t fit into the pre-selected set mold are ostracized and often the center of unwarranted attention or even retaliation. Sadly, these free spirits find themselves dodging and scattering, and marked by how well they can navigate through the hallways of adolescence without succumbing to both teen pressure, and the constant threat of bullying.

Reynolds brings this very real aspect of social terror to the forefront. Her main character, Stephanie Starr, a high school senior, has spent much of her young life working diligently not to be singled out, mocked or shamed. The author highlights how Stephanie, already battling the consuming and complicated relationship with her mother, is then forced to endure the daily challenge of avoiding covert harassment, class condemnation and exposure. Instead of enjoying her school experiences, Stephanie has been treated like an outcast, teetering on the fringe, and counted amongst those considered easily dismissible. That is until she meets the gallant and chivalrous Haley Smith.

Stephanie, turning eighteen, desperately yearns to experience life outside of the suffocating confines of her mother’s mentally unstable reach. Unfortunately, however, she finds herself juggling the landslide of emotions connected to the handsome young man she is falling steadily hard and fast for. That is when the fear and uncertainty of the unknown becomes supercharged, tantalizing Stephanie’s prospect of a complete and enveloping love.

The author takes the reader on quite the adventure while seamlessly blending her characters relationships with amusing banter, entertaining camaraderie, and of course, romantic entanglements. Using the here and now, Reynolds brings into play the banality of the high school experience, all while exposing the hurt, fear, and pain connected to being the recipient of bullying. She successfully sets out to parallel the mythological components of her characters lives, granting them the ability to evolve and advance.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and look forward to reading the next installment in the Olympus Falling series!

A little bit about the Author:

Cait Reynolds lives in Boston area with her husband and 4-legged fur child. She discovered her passion for writing early and has bugged her family and friends with it ever since. When she isn’t cooking delicious meals, running around the city, rock climbing like a boss, or enjoying the rooftop deck that brings her closer to the stars, she writes. Reynolds is able to pull from real life experiences such as her kidney transplant, and her writing reflects her passion for life from having to face the darkest places and find the will to laugh.

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Downcast is available in Paperback and Kindle on Amazon, B&, iBook, Nook

**Disclaimer: Reviewed by author Sahar Abdulaziz. I received this book [ARC] in exchange for my honest book review. I was not compensated for my review.

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