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Recently my new book, The Broken Half was released. Many folks who were sent advanced reader copies for ‘review only’ were ready to post their honest and thoughtful opinions. Sounds simple enough. Sign into Amazon, type in said response and post. Except it wasn’t. Many reviews never saw the light of day, and why? Well, not entirely sure to be honest.

Amazon has recently modified their set of protocols concerning customer reviews with the public scrambling to understand what exactly they are. Authors especially have become frustrated with the process, annoyed, dismayed and more than a handful feel the course of action has become an infringement of their right to privacy. While this disagreement is not new, the methods Amazon uses for data mining are.

Now without boring you to tears with all the sordid details, I will simply sum it up like this: Basically Amazon feels strongly about weeding out reviews coming from anybody whose ONLY vested interest is in bloating up the numbers for an author. Now granted, authors who do this are harming the integrity of their work and Amazon does have a point. The public needs to be able to trust the reviews about the books they want to read- including the good, bad, and sometimes viciously ugly.

However, it has been reported [and personally experienced] that Amazon has taken the process of weeding so-called objectionable people to the extreme. Anybody deemed to know an author or is ‘friends’ with an author on the author page on Facebook [or any other social media site] can no longer review. This method extends to an author’s fan base from anywhere on the face of the earth if Amazon deems them to be a personal acquaintance of an author, and we all know- having a ‘Friend’ on Facebook, Twitter, or IG, etc., does not necessarily mean you know the person- especially on an author page! This culling would also include other authors; perhaps bloggers writing about other writers work, and somehow this comprehensive process is supposed to lend an air of organic integrity to the posted reviews that do miraculously make it online.

Okay. Fine. But here’s the irony. You knew it was coming.

The other day I received a request from Amazon by email to review my own book, which I had purchased as a keepsake. Somehow, the minions of Amazon review blockers; busy protecting the world from make-believe reviews didn’t grasp this incongruous loophole in their self-inflicted undertaking. Frankly, I’m almost half-tempted to write a ridiculous review of my book on the off chance it will make it online, and if I do, the author review will go something like this:

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 10.28.43 AM_edited.png

The Broken Half, by Sahar Abdulaziz, was obviously an extremely well thought out novel. Five stars are simply not enough! The writer is clearly brilliant- absolutely incredible. Abdulaziz makes words jump off the pages, causing readers to want more, more, more. As a matter of fact, everyone should purchase this book! Wait! - Make that two books because once read, they will want to share it with the world!

Did The Broken Half meet my expectations? It sure did by golly and more!

Super-duper job Sahar Abdulaziz!

Way to go!

Can’t wait to read more of your work you marvelous, brilliant writer you!

A little much? Yeah, I thought so too.

Please get your act together Amazon.

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