• Sahar Abdulaziz


Cover Reveal of the 2nd edition of, As One Door Closes

Can this family survive the truth?

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Closure should have come swiftly with the funeral and nailing of the casket, but instead of finding peace, the old man’s death reopened old wounds left to fester for decades. Sahar Abdulaziz’s haunting new Women’s Contemporary Fiction, As One Door Closes, is a stark and dramatic testament to the devastation that comes with hiding sexual abuse, and protecting the ‘secret’ rather than the victim.

Will five very different women finally heal the damage, bring closure and bury the secrets they have been forced to carry and protect? This story explores their tales of lost opportunities, and new beginnings, but most of all, about their trials and tribulations of survivorship, and the heavy price such expectations exact.

Author of The Broken Half and But You LOOK Just Fine, Abdulaziz again demonstrates that those who have suffered are not victims, but survivors.

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