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June 4th, The Broken Half made her debut. She’s official. Ready to be read, discussed and debated over. She is beautiful, yet daunting, riveting and deliciously enthralling- or so I have been told… However, what The Broken Half was NOT supposed to be – was exasperating. For me, Murphy’s Law knew no bounds.

Each and every step closer to production was met with interesting hurdles, twists and turns. That is to be expected, and in all honesty, a learning curve for sure. Nevertheless, I blundered on bravely, riding each wave to the shore, wet from head-to-toe, waterlogged and exhausted, but most assuredly on land.

Many authors have made the comparison, me included, that the publication of their work into a book is equivalent to giving birth, metaphorically of cause, but in my case, I did in fact experience labor pains. Not to the level I did birthing my six children mind you, but agonizing all the same.

And than LAUNCH DAY happened.

Behind the scenes and façade, I ran the gamut of polarized emotions. Everything from crying jags when I found typos, to tears of joy when reviewers contacted me- graciously sharing how much they enjoyed the book, and how they valued the important message embedded within its pages.

Reviewers reviewed. Readers read. Yet glitches in the system kept rearing its formidable head. I drowned myself with gallons of hot tea and pounds of raw cashews. My head ached, my body hurt, my thighs grew larger, [I swear], and my mind, well~ let’s just say I was fried.

Kept going over and over in my head- had I done a good enough job? Would the words resonate? Could the early readers forgive the typos -and still take satisfaction in the book? Had I let my friends and family down? My publishing team? My Publisher? Am I really an author, a writer, or a faker in the game?

And than my copy arrived in the mail.

I took her gingerly out of the box, holding my breath. Slowly and meticulously I unwrapped her. Then I sat down, ran my fingers through her pages and over her cover. Lastly, I hugged her close to my heart. “Welcome to my growing family you flawed piece of beauty.”

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