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‘Time Heals All’-Another Convenient Lie

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In quiet reflection, it was just another day. Another mark on the calendar to get through; or was it?

Each year many must brace for the onslaught, the push and pull, the tug and plummet. Each year they are forced to remember a time that holds a weight on their heart that could have been their anchor, but chose instead to be their angst. And each year they have had to manage to find a way to hold back the hurt that bubbles and rises to the top, and spills over into that which has no responsibility for its creation. And each year they set off to bury another part of themselves that never had a chance to become.

They say ‘Time Heals All’, but that is another convenient lie. Time deadens pain, time will soften the blow, and time will surely allow for different paths, and choices to manifest, but it never heals all; it never destroys the buried damage that manifests when least expected. Perhaps awakened by some innocuous trigger that has the power to breath new energy into an old festering wound, a dark covered reminder or an unresolved issue lurking and waiting for its time to present. And when it does, this evil companion takes no prisoners. This evil consumer sideswipes, leaving the damaged grasping for air, and groping for relief . . . for protection, for validation, and for closure.

In many ways, it was just another day- and in the scheme of things, one more hurdle to jump over, another door to slam closed, and another pain to re-bury.

In many ways it was just another day to put the disassembled passages of life, scattered across the floor, wet with spent tears, back together, piece-by-painful piece.

And in many ways, too many ways, it was another day to mourn once more for what was, what can never be, and what should never have happened.

They say ‘Time Heals All’, but that is nothing more than another convenient lie, spewed by the whole to the broken to compel the uncomfortable and ugly to slink away…

‘The past is the past,’ they say… ‘Let it go, think of all that you have, all that you are now’ – ‘Don’t dwell, move forward, don’t look back, never look back…’

Expectations be damned. Accountability ignored. Get up, move forward, and don’t look back. Practice pretending, slap that fake smile on so others in their wholeness are not burdened, tarnished or hampered.

Dig faster! Pile the nightmares and memories, one by one, securely back in their vault, -remember to close the lid, tightly this time. Breathe, breathe…breathe. Crawl away.

Yesterday was just another day. Another mark on the calendar to get through; or was it?

Not for everyone.

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