• Sahar Abdulaziz

Water- A Global Issue- A Global Crisis

Wind Turbines on Water

The scarcity of clean water is a global issue, and in some places, water is disappearing for good. Rivers and lakes continue to dry up, while people around the world clamor just for access. Whole countries are facing outbreaks of water-born disease, poverty and certain death. Water has the absolute power to transform landscapes, change and support life, bringing stability and health to a region. However, the lack of water or the lack of access to clean water, can and will also transform, but in ways that will be devastating and permanent.

The role water plays as the essence of life, and as a valuable resource cannot be undermined or ignored. It surpasses all boundaries as well as permeates every facet of every life cycle. There is little doubt that water has been taken for granted, abused, polluted and wasted in ways that tilts the scales of usability, because in many ways, water is an assumed resource until it no longer is.

The topic of water is critical, code red. All people from every land, every walk of life, and from every corner of the globe should be discussing and diligently working towards resolving this pressing issue. Part of a long-term resolution comes in the form of continuing education. Teaching viable methods to properly use, store, and keep the already existing water from being compromised. Other solutions come in the form of making clean water a human right, protected from the political leanings from any side. Creating infrastructure to support and control water in ways that are proactive and stabilizing, as well as harnessing water’s natural power for the betterment of all mankind.

Water has become this century’s global crisis, but we have the power to act and make it this century’s global achievement. The time to act was yesterday.

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