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Sahar's Monday Morning Blog on Tuesday welcomes author Tina Brown!

Tina Brown was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She graduated from Southern High, the University of Maryland Baltimore County, and Regis University. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Masters of Science degree in Systems Engineering. Tina is also the mother of two amazing people and the grandmother to the cutest little boy ever!

In her first book, "A Life Not My Own", Tina shares her personal experiences of child abuse and neglect, her struggles as a teenager and in her young adult life. Read about her time at the university and in the US Army. This book started as a journal, an attempt to address many of the secrets she had pushed to the back in her mind. As the memories continued to resurface, she was forced to address the issues that ultimately led to her sharing her past with readers all of the world as a powerful force of inspiration.

In the 5 STAR rated, FREE eBook, "Just Between Us - Inspiring Stories by Women", Tina joined forces with Janice Ross, Selena Haskins, Adrienne Thompson, Tamika Christy and Nicole Dunlap as they share a collection of short stories about the life challenges that they overcome. This book continues to rank in the top 100 of several categories.

In, "Struggles of the Women Folk", Tina creates an engaging, fictional, though powerful piece from the stories that her grandmother shared with her as a child. The main character - Georgie is a young black girl who grows up the 1940s in southern Virginia - a time of prejudice, poverty and limited opportunities.

Recently, Tina presented "Tethered Angel". This is PART TWO - Struggles of the Women Folk. This story shares what happens to Georgie's daughter, Angel after her abduction. Angel has a special gift hearing the thoughts of the people around her, but only if she reminds pure in mind and heart.

Tina considers herself to be a conduit for the fictional characters who speak to her and refuse to be quiet until their story is told. Tina writes to capture her reading audience and enrich their lives through her introduction of rich characters and bold story telling.

Tina welcomes you to showcase her books at your book club or social gathering. She loves meeting new people and sharing her inspirational stories of encouragement. Tina invites you to visit her website at or contact her directly -

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Tina’s other book TITLE(S) OF BOOK(S), GENRE(S):

  • A Life Not My Own

  • Just between Us – Inspiring Stories my Women

  • Struggles of the Women Folk

  • Tethered Angel

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