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At the bus stop this morning, my seventeen year old, who is way too cool to speak to me most of the time, shocked me. All this time I thought he either couldn’t care or barely acknowledged the fact that his Mom is an author/writer, but I officially stand corrected. And this is how I found out.

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It’s been a rough winter. Living on a mountain in Pennsylvania, like most of the east coast, we have been hit with snowstorm after snowstorm after ice storm, and of course, insane winds, and below freezing temperatures. Okay, old story. Moving on.

You need to know first, that my son and I are polar opposites. I am a morning person and he definitely is not. So, to keep the early morning school week peace, we’ll turn on the radio to a station we both can agree on, deliberately not speaking about any important topics, and we have learned the hard way to never, ever debate on anything political. [That last ‘never’ goes for morning, noon and night], But I digress.

So, this morning, I broke the cardinal rule. I don’t know what came over me, but with iPad in hand, I thought it would be safe to show him a photo of somebody who was as fed up with the winter as I am. The photo was of a person’s humorous protest of the last storm. They decided to spray paint in red, “OK Enough Already!” on a huge mound of snow. I found this amusing, probably more so because they are my sentiments exactly- my mailbox had been missing for weeks…

Anyway, so I casually showed the photo to my son. I honestly thought he would do nothing more than his usual bored nod of acknowledgement, and that would be that, but I was wrong.

So wrong . . .

Way wrong . . .

Instead, he looked at the photo and yelled, “PLOT TWIST! The guy used blood and the “Enough Already” isn’t referring to the snow like everyone naturally assumes, but to the body he has hidden in the basement.”

Jaw drop.

And all this time I thought he didn’t care. Never showed the slightest interest in my writing, my books, or the way I get excited building my characters- nada. Matter of fact, when I recently showed him my idea for a new book cover, all I got back was, “That’s nice Mom.” I know, not exactly earth shattering, right?

Well, the bus promptly pulled up, he kissed me and said, “AsSalaamu’alaikum- Have a good day Ma.”

How to warm a momma writer’s heart! <3

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