• Sahar Abdulaziz

Behind the Sheets

There are days when my fingers and brain go on strike, no longer willing to work together and play nice. They adamantly refuse to do my bidding. These dry spells can make writer’s nuts, worried that their best work is behind them- but not me. I know the VERY minute I decide to do anything else besides writing, all my great ideas, plot twists and character designs come streaming through.


So I have developed my own plan of action to combat these bouts of writer’s block... I do laundry, dishes, sweeping, load or unload the dishwasher. Anything at all that I can do physically by rote to free my brain cells from bondage. But, through trial and error, I have also learned to carry around my notebook and pen, just in case a brilliant thought comes careening past, and I need to jot it down quickly. --Yes, yes, I confess- I’m the woman in the jeep- at the bus stop talking to myself, scribbling down a character’s perfect sarcastic comeback line. ---I’m also the woman [because I forgot my notebook] you saw in the mall writing on the back of my hand or arm after hearing or observing the best nonsensical discourse between two people ever! ---I am admittedly and embarrassingly the same woman who texts herself phone messages with words, scenes, or ideas while food shopping or at my kid’s sporting events. Shhh- no telling. So if you see me one afternoon hanging my sheets to dry on a hot summer day, and all of a sudden, I grab a book and start writing furiously, you’ll know what I’m up to. I can’t help it. I’m a writer. It’s what writers do. Just ask Agatha Christie-

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