• Sahar Abdulaziz

In Her Hands

​Exciting times. My next book is currently in the hands of the Editor... most probably getting the proverbial beat down, but that's more than fine. As a matter of fact, it's expected . . . and if you are a smart writer- appreciated. Click and drag to move​

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Sometimes as writers, we are so embedded in our work, no longer able to see the mistakes, hear the missed beats, or visualize the long pause. I know for myself, I can be wordy, and yet still miss the mark. Descriptions can fall flat, and characters can look confused. Time and its relationship to the written word is fascinating. While I write, time ceases to exist. Passes me by, and so does most of my ability to be grammatically correct. I throw those words down, force them to build, to expand, to create. I litter my pages with brilliance and wit . . . and yet. So to all those highly talented Editors and Proofreaders out there, I humble myself to your skills. I thank you for catching my mistakes, and for making my work shine. I beg for your forgiveness when my ego gets in the way of a much needed correction, addition or, can I say it?- subtraction of my ramblings. I thank you also for your patience when I fight you on every word, expression and description. Stubbornly holding onto each error, cantankerously. I know I can be a pill. My next book is in the hands of the Editor. Thank goodness.

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