• Sahar Abdulaziz

An Inside Glimpse: As One Door Closes

A fractured family threatens to break entirely in As One Door Closes. An inside glimpse of the destruction that sexual abuse wreaks on families for generations, this emotional novel follows five women as their pain and recovery unfold.

When Maya and Skye attend their father’s funeral, both hope that their presence will somehow heal the wounds they have been hiding for decades and bring them a semblance of closure. But instead they find nothing but renewed pain and anguish, as they must once again face the unspeakable sexual abuse they endured throughout their childhood at the hands of their own father for years. The two sisters remained determined to keep the fact of their abuse quiet, and vowed to never speak of it— despite their combative relationship.

Motivated by her grandfather’s funeral, Brynn once again presses her mother for information about the identity of her father. But Maya’s fragile psyche threatens to break apart for good as she becomes more and more agitated by her daughter’s questions. Having long suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder and an alternate personality, Maya tries to mask the emotional pain and dull the memories through drugs and promiscuity. Now, the perfect storm of her abuser’s funeral and her daughter’s questions may prove too much for Maya to handle.

As Brynn moves dangerously closer to uncovering her father’s identity, the question remains: Can this family survive the truth?


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