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Saying goodbye is never easy. 

During their long friendship, Cornelia Parish had been the bane of Irwin Abernathy’s existence. Forever minding his business and trying to run his life. But even in death, Cornelia seems determined to make sure her best friend––former librarian, current bookshop owner, and interminable grumpy curmudgeon––doesn’t spend the rest of his insufferable days alone. 

Irwin is heartbroken. He loved Cornelia, and her death has left him shattered. But nothing––nothing–– could have ever prepared him for the estate attorney’s phone call on the day of her passing.

––A road trip? 

––To deliver letters to four strangers?

––Across the entire country! 

What’s Cornelia up to now?

 Despite the heartache, Irwin and the rest of Cornelia’s friends at the Abernathy & Crane Bookshop must pull it together –– if they expect to fulfill this last, unforeseen dying wish.

Unexpected Friends is a touching story that speaks to the power of friendship, the agony of loss, and the potential for healing when one, overcome with grief, bravely face their fears to embrace and welcome into their life true love again. 


ABOUT THE BOOK:                                                                          

Life looked promising for Kalila Rahim when she and her husband decided to move from New York City to the Pocono Mountains. Despite a fabulous home, a lucrative career, and the birth of a healthy baby boy, the couple’s marriage remained fraught with problems: the most notable, Bashir’s complicated love affair. 


Angry and hurt, Kalila kicks him out, only to become distraught after receiving a call notifying her of Bashir’s untimely death. Widowed, facing mounting debt, and left to raise their son alone, Kalila decides to move far away to start a new life. However, she soon discovers that burying a husband is a lot simpler than concealing his secrets, especially when her own dark dalliances begin to resurface, threatening to destroy her life.

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“No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to heal.”


Unlikely Friends by Sahar Abdulaziz

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What readers are saying...

"This is a truly heartwarming story, beautifully written. Abdulaziz is an admirable wordsmith who paints vivid pictures with her prose. I loved reading this truism: “sometimes all we get to keep in this life are our memories.” The story flows and we’re drawn into it. It’s a difficult book to put down and probably one of the best books I’ve ever read. The quietly desperate people in this story gradually become people filled with hope and strength." 

"Ms Abdulaziz introduces an unlikely cast of characters and weaves their lives together in such a way, the reader cannot wait to see what happens next...Anyone who loves a great story about people who are adrift will laugh, cry, and applaud over how six special people meet and with that, alter their lives forever. " 

"Unlikely Friends is one of those books that digs under your skin and stays there. Sahar's style of writing is immersive and truly engrossing. You find yourself envisioning the world she's created around these complex characters. Characters who are determined in showing the world that they matter despite the adversities that come their way.

...A delightful, yet turbulent, story, I'm looking forward to more of the author's writing/books. She's definitely an author to keep an eye on." 


Devoted Friends

(The Abernathy & Crane Series Book 2)


Grouchy former librarian Irwin Abernathy, presently the co-owner of Abernathy & Crane, is busy preparing the bookshop for the holidays. Meanwhile, his neighbor and nemesis, Alastair Brooke, lies dying next door. It’s no secret that Irwin and most of the town dislike the irritating antique dealer, but Irwin can’t imagine what nasty deed the vile little man did to deserve being murdered! Then again–– 

Within moments of their arrival, the police suspect Irwin’s friend, ex-convict Darren Crane. His arrest launches everyone and everything at Abernathy & Crane into utter chaos. While poor, innocent Darren wallows away inside a jail cell, Irwin and his incorrigible friends are busy doing whatever it takes to prove his innocence––which frankly terrifies Darren almost as much as being hauled back to prison!

Devoted Friends is a heartwarming story about the compassion and humor required when one is confronted by life’s many unpredictable obstacles. It is also about friendships driven by courage, dignity, and the unrelenting fortitude necessary when facing grief and heartbreak in a sometimes unfair, perfectly imperfect world.